The Yamaha P 225 was designed with a singular goal in mind: deliver the sound of a concert hall acoustic piano with the practicality of an electronic keyboard. Yamaha, renowned for the performance of its acoustic pianos, designed this new keyboard with the latest technological advances to give performers everything they need to deliver an amazing piano sound.

The P 225’s main technological advancement is the acoustic piano sampling that Yamaha digitized into the keyboard. Each key has a combination of three samples that develops a robust digital sound. An acoustic piano produces sound by transferring the energy required to push the key down into a hammer that strikes metal strings. The strings vibrate and produce a sound which resonates throughout the wood structure of the piano. Yamaha realized that by combining a range of samples would allow for the electronic piano to mimic the varying amount of energy that can be transferred by a key on an acoustic piano.

The soundboard on the P 225 is programmed to produce the same key-off sound of the acoustic piano. It also produces a realistic staccato and legato sound differential that is highly realistic. The keyboard also produces the secondary resonance vibration in neighboring strings that is found in the best concert hall acoustic pianos. Yamaha designed the sympathetic vibration to continue through the action of the keyboard, which is the same sort of feedback that concert pianists demand. This sympathetic vibration is featured in the digital samples is the technological key to the P 225’s success.

The key feel of the P 225 is produced by it’s proprietary Graded Hammer Action produces the left hand heavy action that is felt in an acoustic piano action. This gives the keys a gradual feedback pressure that pianists desire. The keys are coated with a synthetic ivory finish designed to prevent key slippage. The coating also gives the keys the same tacky feel that is so prevalent in Yamaha’s Grand acoustic pianos.

The P 225’s speaker system is designed to accurately replicate the acoustic sound. Featuring integrated high definition tweeters and dual woofers, the keyboard’s sound is balanced and
acoustically correct. The keyboard also plays a variety of drum beats, has an iPhone app integration and a touch screen interface that allows for a variety of sound variances that are desirable in many performance settings.

The keyboard also comes with the highly praised Yamaha FC4 sustain pedal. This pedal is designed to perform with the same feedback and sound of an acoustic piano sustain pedal. The pedal is designed with a variable dampening spring that gives the user the ability to keep the sustain at the proper placement during high tempo performances. The sustain pedal is designed to be sensitive enough to give a digital sampling of the hammer falling on strings.

Yamaha’s goal of producing acoustic piano sound in an electronic keyboard is clearly achieved with the P 225 with amazing accuracy and quality sound. Every feature of the P 225 is aimed at the discriminating performer that wants a realistic feel from the easily transported and set-up electronic keyboard.