Top 5 Uriah Heep Songs Of All Time

Uriah Heep stands out as one of the best classic rock bands in history. The band experienced tremendous success between the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The band has however released 24 albums to date the latest album being; Outsider released in 2014. Uriah Heep has sold over 40 million albums worldwide. Of all the bands hits, there are a few that stand out from the rest. This article will focus on discussing top Uriah Heep songs only. Below are top 5 Uriah Heep songs of all times.

5. Sunrise

This song makes it to this list given the fact that the song is the most popular of all songs in Uriah Heep’s 5th studio album; Magician’s Birthday. After being released, Sunrise became an instant hit and an enduring staple of every single tour as well as live performance by Uriah Heep from 1972 onwards. The song is also considered one of the best Uriah Heep songs because of the song’s ability to balance the directness of hard rock with prog’s dynamic variety.

4. Easy Livin

This is another top Uriah Heep song from the band’s 1972 album entitled; Demons and Wizards. Although the song can easily qualify as the least adventurous composition in this list, the song still stands out for putting up great resistance despite numerous inexorable attacks and blunt force assaults on the songs sense. This is one of the main reasons why many bands have covered Easy Livin over the years more than any other song in Uriah Heep’s discography.

3. Gypsy

This song is proof that 1st impressions go a long way even in music. Gypsy was released in 1970. The song is the opening track of Uriah Heep’s debut album; Very ‘Eavy..Very ‘Umble’. Most diehard Uriah Heep fans have this song as their all-time favourite. Although some critics claim that the song lacks in latter-day subtlety, there is no doubt on the vital role the song has played as a building block for heavy metal music.

2. Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey can easily qualify as the most dramatic song in Uria Heep’s entire discography as well as the entire early heavy metal. The song ”shouts” as opposed to speaking about Byron’s histrionic falsettos not to mention Ken Hensley’s paranoid vertigo-including keys and Mick Box’s extremely churning power chords. The song was first released in UK knocking off the band’s debut and popularity in the UK before spreading to the US. You just need to listen to Bird of Prey to understand why the song distinctively stands out from all other Uriah Heep songs.

1. Look at Yourself

This song is named after Uriah Heep’s 1971 third studio album; Look at Yourself. This song takes the number one spot for managing to capture the band’s first albums’ commercial viability into one track as well as opening the gates to diversity as highlighted in the song’s coda manic percussive climax. The song is also among Uriah Heep’s sharpest social commentary songs given the fact that the song is backed by lyrics and the album cover’s reflective foil mirror effect which produced distorted images of everyone who looked at it. The song clearly deserves the number one spot of all Uriah Heep songs.